Health insurance- just as important as your backpack

Africa can be a very dangerous place to explore without the correct planning and research done before you start your adventure.

Being adventurous is the best addiction to have and constantly needing to explore new countries and continents is a must. Having a good health insurance is something just as important to have as your passport of backpack. Knowing that you can get help and medical assistance should you need it is a very important aspect of travelling. Should you decide to take the luxury route or a more back to basics- sleeping under the stars with the sun as your alarm, there are always risks. Wild animals can feel threatened as they are usually more frightened of humans than we are of them. Choosing a tour guide is a must, they have the knowledge of safe places to sleep and swim.  Know your limits and don’t partake in anything you do not feel comfortable doing or feel it is out of your limits, hopefully you will not need to put your health insurance to use.