Travel in South Africa

If you are travelling to South Africa after August 2021, here is some information about the current Covid-19 situation concerning transport and accommodation.

Public transport is operating with reduced passenger numbers. You must wear a mask if using public transport. Failure to comply with South African government regulations could result in a fine or arrest.

Hotels, guest houses and private rental accommodation are open, with protective measures in place. Some accommodation providers will request your travel history. The South African authorities have published COVID-19 guidelines and advice and have introduced several measures to limit the spread of the virus. Failure to comply could result in a fine or arrest.

South Africa has introduced a risk-based, five-level approach to lockdown restrictions. Level three lockdown restrictions are in place across the country. You are legally required to wear a face mask when in public and may face a fine or imprisonment for breaking this rule. You should ensure you are in your accommodation before the curfew begins at 10 pm.  Curfew ends at 4 am.