New Breakthrough in HIV Prevention

There is good news for many African women as a new HIV preventative is being developed to help prevent the contraction of HIV. Previously woman have had to rely on a pill that they have to take daily, Truvada, which has proven difficult to maintain as they are not discrete and create a social pressure and stigma. These HIV preventatives are important as the UNAids data shows that women are significantly more affected by HIV, most unfortunately so, for many young teenage girls aged 15-19.

This new preventative comes as an injection that women would need to get six times a year for protection. The pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep) has proven to be superior to the daily oral intake of Truvada and will need to be administered every eight weeks. HIV cure studies have had to cease temporarily, due to the priority shift towards COVID-19 and to ensure that study participants are safer from the risk of getting Coronavirus.