Is the Ebola Crisis Still On-Going?

One of the worst results of the Ebola crisis, besides the large list of casualties, was the harm that the epidemic caused to the tourism industry. A lot of African communities (which is where most Ebola cases occurred) are highly dependent upon tourism for their financial security, and the massive reduction we saw in people travelling to these areas caused many of these already impoverished communities to become even more unstable.

The good news is that Ebola crisis is definitively over. That’s not to say that there aren’t still Ebola cases occurring; Ebola occurs in places all around the world, all of the time, but the scale of the matter in Western Africa can no longer be defined as a crisis, and there is little to no risk of an Epidemic rearing its ugly head again.

This basically means that if you had any concerns about your trip to Africa, you can cross catching Ebola off your list. Even so, when you go to any place in Africa, it is recommended that you rely upon water bottles for your source of drinking water.