Latest on Coronavirus in Africa

While coronavirus continues to peak and trough all over the world it seems that cases in Africa are, for the time being, declining with the continent-wide daily average dropping by 700 known cases last week, compared to the week before.

The CDC director of Africa, Dr John Nkengasong said this was a “sign of hope” but for Africa “it’s very, very early…” and that “We take this news with cautious optimism”. Health officials in Africa are not wanting people to get complacent at trying to prevent the spread of the virus as it can spread very rapidly.

Africa has recorded 1,147,369 cases, and about 26,000 deaths, more than half of the recorded cases are within South Africa, as that is where testing is the highest. Testing has steadily increased, the past few months, with more than 10 million tests conducted so far, according to the Africa CDC, which is nearly 1 percent of the continent’s population.