Visiting the Tanzania Travel Exhibition

This June coming in 2016, Tanzania is expected to attract more than 10,00 tourists from throughout the entire world, and it’s all because of their Tanzania tourist exhibition which occurs each year bringing in new visitors to the country each year.

The event takes place from 6th June to the 8th, and there will be participants from as far as Asia, Europe and North America. There will also be plenty of individuals arriving from Seychelles, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

The event aims to increase awareness in East Africa, and show its capabilities as a holiday destination. The exhibition is designed to possibly display news destination, form new partnerships with various tour agents, and help make national parks and properties more accessible for tourists.

The Tanzania exhibition takes place in Arusha, on to the main Northern cities and it could help persuade more tourists to visit parts of Africa that are not as well-known or as accessible as others.