Protecting yourself from the sun on an African safari adventure

If you are about to embark upon an African safari adventure, then you need to be aware of the risks the UV rays can have upon your skin. It is important to protect your skin’s exposure to the sun as much as possible to help prevent any severe sunburn or increasing your risk of getting skin cancer.

Packing clothing that covers your arms and legs is ideal, however, with the hot heat, this may be extremely uncomfortable for you. Try finding light cotton clothing that fits loosely, but still covers a good amount of your skin.

Sun cream should be applied to all skin that is exposed to the sun, with a factor 50+ for optimum protection. Follow the instructions on the bottle of the cream you use to dictate the frequency you need to reapply the cream.

Wearing a sun hat will not only protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, it will also help prevent you getting heat stroke as it protects the top of your head during the hot midday sun.