Avoiding ‘travellers’ diarrhoea’ whilst on an African adventure

Going on an adventure of a lifetime can easily be ruined if you are unfortunate enough to pick up a virus or bug during your travels.

With sanitation issues in such countries, getting sick can be easier than you think, however there are some steps you can take to try and lower the risk of getting ill.

Travellers’ diarrhoea can be caught from undercooked meat, poor sanitation and ingestion of faecal matter through contact. Taking a hand sanitiser with you can help at times when there is nowhere to safely wash your hands after toileting or before eating. Sanitising cutlery before using it can also lower your risk, as some may not be washed well between uses.

Avoid ice in drinks and any milk and dairy products, as they may not have gone through the same cleaning process our guts are used to.

Always speak to your GP before you go on an African adventure, and seek the most appropriate antibiotic treatment of travellers’ diarrhoea. You can then take this antibiotic with you in case you become unwell and are unable to fight off the illness.

Do not let the fear of getting ill stop you from going on an African adventure, you will have the time of your life.