World Elephant Day 2017

Today on the 12 August, we celebrate World Elephant Day. This day was first launched back in 2012 and aims to raise awareness of elephants in Asia and Africa.

Unfortunately, some elephants are taken out of their natural habitats and are incorrectly treated, used for poaching, human-elephant conflict and mistreatment. It is important to conserve the elephant’s habitat and help provide better treatment for captive elephants.

One of the most important things when visiting Africa or Asia, is to avoid animal exploitation, including, riding on elephants. There are many elephant conservation organisations all over the world, trying to help improve an elephant’s life, and return them to their natural environment when possible.

The 12th August is used to not only raise awareness of protecting elephants but also provides a day for discussion, including current concerns or potential ideas and plans. If you are visiting Africa soon, be aware of animal exploitation and do not contribute to this awful cause, find a conservation centre instead and spend a day helping provide a better life for the elephants there.