The best airport in Africa

One airport which has grabbed headlines recently is Morocco’s Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) in Casablanca. This is because it recently came up trumps as the best airport in Africa for 2017. That’s according to the Airport Service Quality awards carried out by the Airport Council International, ACI.

So why is this airport the king of all airports in Africa?

Well, it’s surprising as this is the first time it has been entered for the award, so to win was quite a surprise, but it’s not just the modern architecture and friendly layout that stood out, there has been continuous service improvement, and that’s a key ingredient in business performance, and of course winning the award! So many British tourists fly into this beautiful airport each and every year, and with bouts of terrorism in recent years, Morocco has faced a slump in tourism recently, so this award will mean little if you’ve never visited or don’t intend to, but if you do plan a visit to Morocco, try to fly to Casablanca because it really is exceptional.