Why new buildings in Africa are prone to cracks

It’s no secret that new buildings are prone to cracks and unfortunately there is no real way to stop this because it’s all part of the ‘bedding in’ process. This is especially the case in Africa where the heat is intense. A house needs time to settle, and as this process is occurring, the areas of hard cement mortar with brittle plaster are more vulnerable to cracks and splits. This is not usually a problem at all, however, if your home has a number of large cracks and you feel there could be some legitimate structural damage, it’s best to have a surveyor come out and take a closer look. They can then advise on whether work needs to be done to ensure the home is in tiptop condition, and safe for your family to reside in. For most people, it’s just a case of adding a lick of paint to areas a year or two down the line, so it’s not usually a major problem. It’s just a little part of the settling stage.